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Text Box: Welcome to the Applause for Paws Agility club members page. The purpose of this space is to provide a “club magazine” for our members. You are welcome to submit any copy to be posted here. We hope that it will be a valuable and useful tool for you all. Please submit any items either by email or by hand at the club. You may wish to share a doggy experience, tell us a joke, comment on the website or talk about an agility topic. The possibilities are endless!! So come on, put pen to paper or finger to keyboard and lets see if we can fill this space!
CONGRATULATIONS - To Gail and Dudley for coming 7th in the Arden Grange Agility Starter Dog of The year Finals.  Gail also qualified last year and attended the finals but failed to get a clear round-actually she was eliminated! What a difference a year makes Gail!
CONGRATULATIONS - To Mary who entered a poetry competition with this winning poem about her dog Zac which is now going to be published. Any of you who know Zac will agree that Mary has got him to a tee.

My faithful friend by Mary

Zac's my companion always by my side
he studies me intently with eyes so bright and wide
he wags his tail continuely he bounces up and down
always such a happy dog rarely with a frown

he loves to chase a rabbit even a bird or two
he sits upon the hilltop just breathing in the view
he loves his favourite tennis ball even his squeaky shoe
as long as he can chase it anything will do

his favourite fun's agility over the jump he knows
climbing up the triangle no stopping as he goes
he runs along the dog walk and through the tunnel below
going between the weave poles now he's far from slow

I really do so love him he's brightened up my life
he's helped me see the calm side of all my trouble and strife
we love to go out walking in sun or wind and rain
always right beside me my companion he'll remain

Stour Valley Show 2008 — Max (and Izzy)

Last weekend I went to the Stour Valley Agility show - my first big agility event. I was amazed at the range of dogs and skills who entered the various classes.
On Saturday I only went for the start to get our dog Izzie measured so I can enter her into future shows - but ended up staying pretty much the whole day as it was so interesting.
There was loads to learn looking at all the different handlers running their dogs - even picking up some hints on what not to do! Also it was great to meet other club members who go to other classes on other nights as we don't normally get the chance to meet.
On the Sunday I was helping Rosie run one of the rings with other club members and it is incredible how much planning and organisation goes in to running an event.
All in all a great weekend - and I would never have gone if it wasn't for Applause for Paws.

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